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Thales Ship At Sea Activity Purpose The Purpose Of The Activity Was T Essay Example For Students

Thales Ship At Sea Activity Purpose: The Purpose Of The Activity Was T Essay Thales Ship at Sea Activity Purpose: The purpose of the activity was to learn that the Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent (CPCTC), and how you can use it in different situations. We familiarized ourselves with the corresponding parts of congruent triangles. We also were supposed to find the distance to an object without actually measuring the distance to that object directly. Step one: Suzie Pipperno and I had to pick a concrete block about forty feet away from the sidewalk in back of the school. Step two: We then tried to align a cone with the cement block without getting close to it. Step three: We had to pace out a certain distance, 10 steps, from the cone, place a flag, the pace the same distance again, in a continuous segment, and place another cone. Step four: We walked at a right angle to the second cone until we had the cement block and the flag perfectly in line. Step five: We took a string and stretched it the distance from the second cone to the place we stopped walking. Step six: We placed the string against a tape measure and found that the approximate distance from the cement block to the first cone was thirty eight feet-two inches. Step seven: We used the string to measure the exact distance from the cement block the first cone using the tape measure to measure the string, which was forty two feet-one inch. Step Eight: We used the string to get an exact measurement from the first cone to the flag. Then used the string to correct the distance of the second cone from the flag. Step nine: We walked at a right angle from the second cone until the flag and the cement block are lined up again. Step ten: We used the string and tape measure to measure the distance of the path we walked and came up with forty one feet-two inches. Conclusion: We were able to conclude, without directly measuring the distance to the cement block, that the distance to the block was approximately forty one feet-two inches. Relation: The way this activity relates to our mathematical studies is that it familiarizes us with the congruent parts of congruent triangles, and teaches us that you can use the congruence of triangles in real life. How we proved the triangles congruent: If you look at the attached diagram you will see that there are 2 sides with a | through them. That means that those sides, or line segments, are congruent. You will also notice two angles with?s spanning their angle measure. That means that that those two angles are congruent. Also you will see two sides with a || through them. That means the same thing as the first pair of segments with the | through them, but it signifies that those two line segments are congruent with each other and not the other two. These triangles are congruent by a postulate SAS (Side-Angle-Side). Which states that if two triangles have a Side an Angle and a Side Congruent then both of the triangles are totally congruent. Comments on Activity: I think that the activity was worthwhile, be cause I learned how errors in measurement and sighting can cause inaccuracies in measured distences, and the larger the distances you are working with, the larger the errors. Idea to Improve or Extend: My idea is to do the activity three times, and in each have the block at a different distance. This would enable you to see how distance effects accuracy. Glossary Angle- an angle consists of two different rays that have the same initial point, the vertex.Congruent angles- two angles that share the same measure Congruent segments- two segments that share the same measure CPCTC- abbreviation for corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent Postulate-A statement accepted without proof as true SAS Postulate-If two sides and the included angle of one triangle are congruent to two sides and the included angle of another triangle, then the two triangles are congruent Triangle- A polygon with three sides .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 , .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .postImageUrl , .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 , .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36:hover , .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36:visited , .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36:active { border:0!important; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36:active , .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36 .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uaa01986e09d2b62868a3eff24f6b8f36:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Foalktales1 Essay

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Swiss Bank Controversy Whos Money Is It Essays - Swiss Law

Swiss Bank Controversy: Who's Money Is It? It is hard to imagine having everything you ever owned taken away in a split second. Many Jews experienced this after the years of oppression by the Nazi regime. The Jews had everything stripped away: their families, their possessions, their futures, and their dignity. "I would give that money away for anybody. I should have had some relatives survive. I mean most of my friends, they had sisters, or cousins, or aunts or somebody to belong to. I had nobody," said Gizella Weisshaus (Jones 1996). It has been about fifty years now since the end of the Holocaust. Up until recent times, the survivors of the Holocaust have decided that they deserve their money that they put into the neutral Swiss bank accounts before the war. They did this to protect their assets from the Nazis. This then provides the controversy, fifty years later, do the Holocaust survivors and their families deserve the money back from the Swiss banks, or are the Swiss banks even responsible for paying back the money? Th e controversy first arose with Gizella Weisshaus, when she could not receive her father's money after the war ended because she did not know her father's bank account number. When she was a young girl, her father had been taken away to the concentration camps. As he was being taken away, he mentioned to her that he had put money away in a Swiss Bank account and that she should go and claim it when the war ended. Years after the war she went back to claim the money, and the teller told her that with out an account number she could not do this. They then told her it would take five years to research the dormant account; therefore she would have to wait. Her response was, "It made me angry that even now they claim they need five years to find these dormant accounts, as if fifty years wasn't enough" (Jones, 1996). Weisshaus was the first one to raise the red flag of the Swiss Bank controversy. Which has three main sides to the issue, the Swiss side, the United State's side, and the side of the Holocaust victims. The Swiss believe that they do not owe the survivors and their families any money because of the laws that protect them. They said that they are a neutral country and that the money put into the accounts was not claimed in time. The United States took the position that if the money belonged to the victims of the Holocaust, the money then should be returned back to them, regardless if the claim is made one or fifty years later. The money belongs to the victims just as it did before the war. The Holocaust victims' position is that they are owed this money back because it was theirs in the first place before the war, no questions asked. Switzerland was a neutral country at the time of the war, and is still a neutral country at this period of time. The Swiss position on this controversy is that they do not believe that they owe the unclaimed money to the Jewish survivors and their families, if there is not proper documentation to back up the claims. The Swiss are examining the situation and are unable to conclude what happened to the money in the accounts and where the money went. The Swiss are very defensive with the allegations from the Jewish survivors. They do not like being accused of destroying bank accounts and being called an "ally" to the Nazis during the war (Border 2, 1998). That, therefore, is the reason why the banks are so hesitant to giving the money back to the survivors. They have a valid excuse why the documents may be gone after fifty years, but the banks as a whole, do not like being seen as the bad guys. The Swiss even have laws protecting them and their reasons for not returning the money back t o the survivors. "Switzerland does not provide for the government to receive the unclaimed property of those who have died with out leaving a will or heirs. Therefore, the banks themselves are permitted

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Womens Role in A Doll House essays

Women's Role in A Doll House essays Throughout the history of the world in most cultures women have been considered the submissive figure. In this role the female character would commonly have the main duties of caring for the children and pleasing her husband. Henrik Ibsens A Doll House shows one of these stereotypical marriages and the eventual realization of the life that is being lead by the woman submissive, in this case, Nora. Noras realization at the end of the play is not a sudden epiphany but a long journey in which she regained her self-esteem and self worth. This essay will attempt to show that throughout the play Noras frustration had been building and that in reality, the one act of sacrifice which Nora so desperately craved from Torvald might have delayed the destruction of the marriage, but nothing could The play opens and the reader quickly can see how one would get frustrated in the environment Nora lived in. Torvald is characterized as the typical male provider, strong and respectable. Meanwhile, Nora is degraded time and time again by Torvalds language. He consistently refers to her with pet names, little featherbrain, squirrel sulking, and song bird. All of these references make Nora seem ignorant and she seems unable to think for herself as she just plays on with whatever Torvald says. The ultimate example of this is the situation with the macaroons. This personifies Nora simply as a little child being punished by a parent as Torvald forbids her from eating them and then rebukes her when he suspects that she indeed has eaten some macaroons. Then she shows the extreme lack of self-confidence associated with her character early in the book when she hides her love for macaroons from him because she is afraid of him. Early on Nora is nothing more then a helpless, thoughtless, tool which Torvald can make do what he likes. This will change as ...

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To what extent is the concept of global governance gendered Essay

To what extent is the concept of global governance gendered - Essay Example For instance, in a government, the politicians of the country usually influence the decisions that are made on a day to day basis while the normal citizen is influenced by the decisions that are made by the political leaders whether directly or indirectly. Needless to say, these kinds of decisions usually impact on both men and women. It follows without say that most of the times; the decisions are made by men since they hold most of the powerful positions almost in all of the countries the world over. In the past few decades, the advent of technological advancement has to the growth of a new kind of economy-a global economy. The internet has reduced the entire globe to nothing but a global village. The global economy has also given rise to a new system of governance which is referred to as global governance. There is a need to have a means of controlling the integrated nations. Different bodies have been setup to achieve this and the different bodies that have been setup have also c ome up with different policies. Quite unfortunately, the balance of women to men in the global government is anything but balanced. This is an important concern since women are the majority in the population and it seems not right to let the minority make decisions that affect the majority without involving the majority at some stage. This is the main reason why there has been a growing concern for gendered governance. Global governance There are many transformations in leadership and generally in society most of which can be traced to the activities and campaigns of human rights movements. Gender equality is one of the most important of the reforms that is sweeping across most modern societies today. As Rawls (2003) state, â€Å"A gendered analysis of global governance can enhance our understanding of the key concepts and frameworks as well as institutions and strategies of transformation? (p17). There are two important spheres that need to be studied to understand the concept of gendered governance since they directly influence the issue of gender and governance in the world. The first is the United Nation and how it approaches the issue of human rights and secondly is the trade policies and institutions. The concept of global governance is at best very fragmented and is therefore hardly traceable not only to agencies but even to individuals. In fact, Rosenau (2003) defines global governance as â€Å"governance without government. â€Å" however, global governance can be looked at in terms of the institutions that processes, rules and the different frameworks that help in the establishment of internationally recognized policies (Hassanali, 2000). The international policies that are often crafted are in most of the cases results of negations from a variety of parties including representatives from different countries. The stakeholders of global governance are usually drawn from different governments across the world. Apart from political leaders, there are usually members from transnational companies, global financial and trade organizations under the WTO, IMF and World Bank as well as various chapters of the UN and other relevant regional associations like the EU .Some experts believe that global civil societies which include internationally recognized NGOs that have the function of lobbying in conjunction with international gender groups like the International Trade and Gender Network (ITGN) are part and parcel of the

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Global Warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Global Warming - Essay Example The solution is through the concerted efforts of various nations to help each other deal with this environmental trouble in one accord. There are international treaties or agreements that have been made by various nations to help lessen and remedy the damage done by global warming to the environment. Two international and multilateral agreements, the Montreal Protocol of 1987 and Kyoto Protocol of 1998, pay much attention to the damaging effect of world activities to the atmosphere. As cited by Morissette (1989): Its formulation was a response to a growing international consensus on the need to protect stratospheric ozone from depletion by CFCs. The Montreal Protocol is a landmark agreement in that it is the first international treaty for mitigating a global atmospheric problem before serious environmental impacts have been conclusively detected. Upon the agreement of the various countries that participated in the formation and agreement to the Montreal Protocol, the battle against global warming further developed as time went by, and with new concerns. This eventually led to a new agreement known as the Kyoto Protocol.   The  Kyoto Protocol of 1998  is an international treaty deliberated to communicate nations collectively to decrease  global warming,  and to deal with the effects of temperature increases that are inevitable after more than a century of heavy industrialization. Manne and Richels (1998) exposited that this was â€Å"to reduce their aggregate anthropogenic carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by at least 5 percent below 1990 levels in the commitment period 2008 to 2012.† (p.2). The nations that approve of the Kyoto Protocol concur to decrease emissions of six greenhouse gases that increase the problems of global warming. These nations are also permitted to utilize emissions trading to reach their obligations if they maintain or increase their greenhouse gas emissions. All of these activities

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Data Collection Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Data Collection Plan - Assignment Example Tied to this are problems with regard to effective teaching methods, and strategies to support Arabic learning. The basic methodology entails a comparison of my own teaching strategies and styles for my Arabic language class and those of another teacher in another class. The end goal is partly to be able to understand what motivates students to learn Arabic, the psychology that drives them to pursue Arabic language learning intently. The basic question I want to answer is as follows: What strategies are best for teaching Arabic to my students, and how do my strategies align with the motivations of my students to learn the language to advance themselves? To the question of the useful types of data, my answer is that data from my own classes, and the comparison with the data from the other class I have chosen, including learning outcomes and motivations as gathered from the students, ought to provide me with the right kind of information to answer the pressing questions of my research. To the question of the types of data already available, my answer is that data from previous studies, extensively tabulated, are already available to me, in the form of secondary research materials. To the question of the types of data I need to generate, the answer will be data on learning outcomes and similar data as from previous studies. ... n Qualitative Inputs Effectiveness of strategies for learning Arabic x x x x Student Motivations for Learning Arabic x x x x Areas for Improvement in Teaching and Learning Styles X x x x Fit of Teaching Strategies to Student Aspirations and Motivations for Learning Arabic x x x x III. Narrative Connecting Matrix to Starting Point My matrix details the fundamental aims of my action research, and those aims are noteworthy as far as I am concerned for their being open-ended and lending themselves to being answered in a broad sense. I think there ought to be a strong link between the teaching strategies and the motivations and inclinations of students for learning the Arabic language. Taking off from the interesting answer that I got from a student, where the student sees Arabic as a road to material prosperity, it is clear to me that some of the strategies ought to focus on being able to give the students a functional understanding and mastery of the Arabic language. This functional app roach lends itself to being measured via the learning outcomes of the students, and the learning outcomes of the students in the other class. The comparison ought to yield interesting insights into what works and what does not work as far as teaching styles is concerned. Also, as far as learning outcomes are concerned, it is not enough that the students pass the tests to measure learning, but that the tests should be measuring the right kinds of language competencies. In this regard, it is important that my class and the other class should agree on some baseline language course contents that should be similar for both classes. Both should focus on functional learning, and the teaching of Arabic that has real-world applications, such as in being able to transact business and being able to

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Emergency Response to Terrorism

Emergency Response to Terrorism Past Acts of Terrorism On September 11, 2001, America experienced an attack. Early in the morning at around 8:45 am a flight carrying 20, 000 gallons of jet fuel made its way to the northern side of the world trade centre tower hitting the 80th floor. This lead to the death of hundred plus individuals plus other were trapped on the higher floors of the world trade centre located in New York. Some few minutes later the same world trade centre building was hit with another plane which hit the 60th floor, and this led to a massive explosion that alarmed the whole state that indeed America was under attack. Immediately during the attack, the media managed to make a live broadcast of the attack so as to inform the public of the occurrence. The planners of the attack of the September 11 did it perfectly such that they ensured that there was no leak of the attack to the public. The attacker did not make use of any electronic form of communication, and thus this radio silence helped them execute their plan effectively. During the attack, the federal government experienced various communication breakdown, and this affected how the disaster was handled. An official from the 9/1 1gave a statement and said that the federal government experienced various communication breakdowns during the attack (Asaeda, 2005). The report that was given showed that the systems of communication that were put in place had failed. During the attack, those who were operating the planes tried to reach the Federal Aviation Administration via teleconferencing, but this proved difficult. The FAA did not join the conference for almost 15 minutes and even after they had joined they did not take an immediate move. The FAA personals involved in the conferencing did not have the authority to deal with the situation as the senior officials were absent. This delay in the relaying of information between the operators and the FAA contributed a lot to the attack being successful. If the official responded in advance, then an immediate solution would have been adopted to deal with the situation. Immediately the attack took place it only took a few minutes, and the firefighters were on the ground. The attack led to several individuals being hurt and may others losing their lives. The hospitals in New Jersey, New York and the neighbouring areas prepared themselves for the attack. The hospital beds were secured, and the elective surgeries that were taking place were put to a halt to make room for the victims of the attack. St Vincent who was the closest trauma centre approximately 1.6 km from the world trade centre was filled with victims of the occurrence. New York Cornell Hospital dealt with the burn patients as it is the only burn centre in Manhattan. The nurses and the doctors were not allowed to leave the hospitals because of the large number of patients that were being rushed to the hospitals (Kendra Wachtendorf, 2003). The rescue teams including the firefighters and the policemen were in place to ensure that the situation was under control. In total the rescue team mana ged to save the lives of twenty individuals who had been trapped in the building. The first responders encountered several challenges when the WTC attack took place. After the bombing of the world trade centre in 1993 radio repeaters were installed in the tower to ease communication but the firefighters were not aware that the repeaters were functioning. During the attack, there was little communication between the police department and the fire department and thus when the police were notified to evacuate the building after realising that the tower was at a risk of collapsing the firefighters were not informed. The firefighters lacked information about the collapse of the building because they were not watching the news broadcast and also because the communication centre for the police which could have used to inform them had been evacuated due to the threat that the building will collapse. The supplies for various equipment needed for rescue delayed and this thus crippled the rescue situation. The government agencies responded pretty well to the disaster. The various rescue teams and firefighting teams were in place, and they showed their bravery in the scene. They managed to save a lot of lives, and those who were injured were immediately rushed to the hospital. The hospital having been alarmed by the situation had already prepared for the disaster and had their doctors in place to take care of the situation at hand. The rescue teams experienced problems with communication, and thus the crowding of the communication network made it hard for the hospital to determine the patients are coming from the world trade centre attack (Simon Teperman, 2001). Despite the communication breakdown the hospitals still managed to take care of the patients and create more beds for the world trade centre victims. In future, the government should, therefore, ensure that they have communication backup in case of such an occurrence in future. The world trade centre sent an awakening call to the government of the United States concerning their preparation for such disasters. The fact that the tower has been a site of interest for many terrorists because of the many people it accommodates and its location as well. The government should, therefore, put in place security measures that will help curb such situations in future. The awakening call has also helped the government to improve the disaster management technique that was in place before. References Asaeda, G. (2005, September). World Trade Centre Attack. In International Congress on Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management. Yale, New Haven. Kendra, J. M., Wachtendorf, T. (2003). Elements of resilience after the world trade centre disaster: reconstituting New York Citys Emergency Operations Centre. Disasters, 27(1), 37-53. Simon, R., Teperman, S. (2001). The World Trade Center attack: lessons for disaster management. Critical Care, 5(6), 318. Emergency Response to Terrorism Emergency Response to Terrorism Decontamination On a wide scope of meaning, the word decontamination refers to the idea of making a place safe once it has been made unsafe in which ever manner. It involves getting rid of any dangerous objects like bombs or even people that make places unsafe. Cases of decontamination have been very severe as time has gone by mostly encouraged by the fact that there is high rate of technological development. High School In society, schools are one of the institutions that carry the highest number of people. They will have so many people or students who have gone to acquire knowledge and this is almost on a daily basis. Some of the reasons why a school could be attacked include; Many people will die or be affected during the attack due to the high population which is a characteristic of most schools. A terrorist always finds ways of affecting the highest population that he possibly can. The number of deaths that will be experienced in a school is quite high because the school has young children who may not know how to help themselves or how to offer proper first aid to their injured friends due to panic. This means that the number of deaths will be so high. The school has students from almost all walks of life or even at times from different countries and races. Attacking the school will mean that the different families where the children come from will be affected. A large portion of the country and state will be affected in the process. Initial considerations To make a school safe again there are so many things that I will have to look at; The nearness of the school to the city The population of the school is important so that one can prepare and approximate the number of first aid material that will be needed. The Decontamination Once we get to the school; Take all the casualties to the hospital without wasting any time so that we can save as many lifes as possible. This is the very first step to making the school safe by ensuring that the lives of those who have been affected are secured. Once that is done the facility should be cleared so that all people are kept as far away as possible from the school to avoid any more damages. Specialists in the area of bombing are then called in to survey the whole school and check if there are any more bombs. Any that is still on should be disarmed in the most careful way. The school should be then closed till its proved to be safe for any further learning. ÂÂ  Explain why your chosen initial decontamination considerations are important to this particular attack, and explain how, as a first responder, you will meet these challenges. The unfortunate aspect of the school in this case is that it is quite near to one of the big cities in the state and this poses a risk to the city. The people in the city will panic due to fear that they are next. The best way to deal with this is to use the media to inform them of what exactly happened and to ask them not to panic but to be cautious. The school is one of a high population of students and that goes without saying that I will need a lot of people in the rescue team for efficiency. Such a school may have a lot of casualties as the many students fought for safety out of their classes or the bomb may have affected many (Houghton,2016). Football stadium This is a good target for an attack because so many people love football and so he will get the attention he needs from the public. Since different people of different ages and ways of life go to watch football, no one will be able to tell who was responsible for the attack. A person can easily sneak the bomb in and out of the stadium. Initial considerations The architecture of the stadium- Some of the stadiums are quite complex in the way that they were built and this may make it even more difficult to decontaminate. It will require the help of architects especially when it comes to the issue of assessing the place for any bombs that may be hidden. The decontamination Approach scene with caution -While going to the arena, it is important to be careful as you go to the rescue because you can find that there are other bombs in the stadium that are still yet to go off and cause more death. Assess the place and find out where the bombs are located and disarm those that are still on to avoid further damage. Identify signs and indicators of CBRN incidents;-Take time to acquire patterns of things that were done deliberately to cause the bombing. This means establishing how the security was bridged all that was done for the bomb to go off It is important to know how many people lost their lives and to also identify who they were. People will come looking for their family members who might have lost their lives and so establishing the identity is important. For accountability purposes, the citizens will also expect to have a comprehensive report on the number of causalities in the bombing. Establish all the resources that will be needed for the cleaning up of any hazardous material left in the stadium. This will rely on the extent to which the bombing affected the place and the size of the stadium. The facility needs to be closed off from any further use till it is completely made safe for use. This will involve clearing of any chemicals or hazardous gases that may have been released. It can only be opened once professionals in this filed certify it as safe for use. Conclusion There are different forms of contamination in the world where bombing is one of them. This has been the cause of mass loss of life in the human history. These needs to be approached with care because any mistake made could make things worse. All the above listed steps or more should be followed with great caution so as to make places safe for use again. One fact remains; attacks will always be on places of large population (Simpson, 2014). References Houghton, B. (2016). The Changing Nature and Tactics of Terrorism. Oklahoma Politics, 25, 1-16. Fuse, A., Okumura, T., Hagiwara, J., Tanabe, T., Fukuda, R., Masuno, T., Yokota, H. (2013). New information technology tools for a medical command system for mass decontamination. Prehospital and disaster medicine, 28(03), 298-300. Simpson, E. (2014). The poor mans nuclear bomb.